If you need any assistance, please get in touch on +353906661923 or sales@oghamwish.com 💚 If you need any assistance, please get in touch on +353906661923 or sales@oghamwish.com 💚

Meet Ogham Wish

Ethel - The Creator

Ethel Kelly, the creative genius behind the beautiful brand Ogham Wish, started this business more than 20 years ago. From starting up her business from scratch to receiving several awards such as Best Craft Company and Hottest Product on mutilple occasions, Ethel has done it all. When Ethel isn't brainstorming about new products and working in her workshop in Co. Roscommon, she can probably be found going for walks with her family and her dog Oscar.  

Sarah - The Protégé

Sarah, Ethel's daughter is following in her mother's footsteps and learning the family trade. Sarah has been a part of the family brand Ogham Wish from a young age. Since gradutating from University, Sarah continued to bring new life into Ogham Wish with fresh product and marketing ideas. 

Cathriona - The Powerhouse

Cathriona has been an integral part of the Ogham Wish brand for many years. Her attention to detail and customer service record is second to none. Cathriona is always ready to lend a helping hand. 

Oscar - Official Greeter/Good Boy

Oscar is the most enthusiastic worker on our team. He spends his day tirelessly greeting workers, customers and deliverymen alike. Apart from ocassionaly being caught snoozing on the job, he is the perfect worker and is definitely a good boy.

Made with Love

Creating the perfect gift is our passion. Everything we make at the Claypipe Centre is individually handmade onsite. Each order is lovingly created, assembled and packed with care. We hope you love our pieces as much as we do!

The Claypipe Centre

We are a small family company located in the heart of the midlands of Ireland in a gorgeous village called Knockcroghery. Our Artisan workshop, based on the site of an old Claypipe Factory, is where we make everything by hand with the help of our amazing local staff. Here, we also operate a carefully selected gift shop full of gorgeous Irish made brands.

What is Ogham?

While uniquely Celtic, Ogham Wish has a universal appeal. Each Ogham Wish gift is accompanied by an explanatory text outlining the history of Ogham writing with the Gaelic and English translations. Ogham Wish artistically celebrates Ireland’s ancient culture and heritage.

Ogham writing is Ireland’s ancient script, often found inscribed on standing stones and in sacred places throughout Ireland’s rural landscape.

Ogham is the earliest known form of writing in Ireland. Originally it was inscribed on to standing stones, many of which can still be found today throughout the landscapes of Ireland, Scotland and Wales and date back from 400AD. It consists of 20 linear characters which are read from the bottom up.